The SHäP is Isoism's passion project. It's a business that started on the coattails of a love for the outdoors, for clothing, for art and for being dapper. The SHäP's has two aims. One is to create lifestyle products that serve masculine identifying individuals and outdoor enthusiasts. The other is to create a vendor space that will cater to other makers of high quality items, designed for masculine identifying individuals. We are professionals, innovators, game changers and socially conscious. We are also campers, hikers, rock climbers and travelers. The SHäP has been in development since the end of 2015 with our first products planned for launch in January of 2017. 

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For The SHäP my goal was to create a versatile logo system that was consistent and memorable. Over time the product offerings of The SHäP will grow. I wanted to create identifying makes that could be used in it's entirety on packaging, or in part on a small embroidered tag. One of our core values is to build community. We are consistently in search of our tribe, and in the lives of our consumers we aim to be a part of their tribes. I wanted to create a logo that reflected that idea. I wanted a mark that was contemporary with a dash of old school. I also wanted the mark to pay homage to one of the greatest men I've every known, my grandfather. 


The solution

The SHäP's name is rooted in my childhood. Growing up, my grandfather was a successful business man. We called him Paw-Paw. Being of mixed race, black and indigenous, living in the deep south during the time of segregation, he managed to start and maintain an upholstery business in a tough climate. He called his work space the shop. My cousins and I spent many of our summer days spending time with him in that space. The SHäP's name is my way of honoring him. Once I developed the name I created our core values, then went into logo creation. Our logo features a tipi structure meant to reference the idea of family, home, love and community. The arrows represent the idea of being a warriors as is referenced by our core value, take a stand. The circular format is meant

Versatile Bottle MockUp.jpg

to remind us that all things come full circle; that all things in nature are cycles, and it is up to us to make the most of them. The triangles are a reference to the sun. Once the full version of the logo was created, I went through the process of creating a variety of sub-marks. We are currently in the process of executed product manufacturing. We look forward to meeting you!


Since the creation of The SHäP in 2015 I've shifted our visual identity slightly. I made changes to the typefaces used and replaced EST. 21015 with EST. NOW. Using "NOW" felt more fitting to who we are, consistently shifting, consistently evolving, continuously establishing ourselves. EST. NOW.