Root Fuel is a biofuels company based in Houston Texas, with a mission of helping people gain an understanding of where their fuel comes from. Their goal is to create a fueling station that educates while providing an experience unlike anything their consumers have seen before, with the hopes of promoting environmental responsibility.



As a new company Root Fuel's partners, were full of energy and dedication. They came to me with an original request of a logo design. After careful exploration, I found their needs to be much more extensive. Root needed help defining who they were as a company both internally and externally. They needed to be solidified under a single voice that each member of the team could stand behind. The also needed gain an understanding of who their consumers are. This is where our journey began. 


The solution

I started Root Fuel's process by sitting down with the employees. My aim to find out what was each member's individual perception of the company. From this assessment I was able to decode how much internal work needed to be done. I followed this up by spending time assessing their client base and whether or not Root Fuel's perceptions of their company matched public opinion.  With this information, I developed a set of core values that defined who Root is, and what values they stand by as a company. This left the team with a clear understanding of what their company voice should be, and gave them a standard by which to grow, plan and succeed.

My research showed that Root has 3 primary consumer bases: the long and short haul truckers who want to get in and get out, eco-conscious Millennials - baby boomers under the age of 45, and biodiesel wholesale buyers. I also found that many people within Root Fuel's potential consumer base had little understanding of biofuels and some carried negative impressions. Each of these groups had very different service needs. For the short/long haul drivers we planned a one stop shop. We wanted to create a space that was easy to navigate and would allow truckers to get everything they need to continue their journey. A specific fueling space was created just for them. In this area we ran specific marketing materials, short and direct, informing them of the benefits and origin of their biofuels. The Millennials/Younger Boomers provided the perfect space for Root Fuel's mission to live

and thrive. I created a targeted educational campaign; it included brochures, take away cards, interactive media at the pumps, and community events. The community events allowed us to create an experience that went above and beyond the typical gas station experience. With this simple strategy I was able make the community aware of Root Fuel presence while providing necessary information to combat any negative stigmas. This helped to set Root apart. The brochures and take away cards allowed us to provide quick and digestible facts, they also acted as reminders. We implemented a loyalty program to encourage repeat visits. The loyalty program also allowed us to collect consumer data that became indispensable in Root's growth process. 

The Visuals

The next steps of our process included the development of a logo design, which included; color scheme, typeface selection and design, icon design, and sub-marks. I developed messaging campaigns and signage design. We worked together as a team to develop the environmental design of the site. Everyone had a dream for what Root could be. Using the core values as a guide, we were able to develop a solid concept for the future of the station. Root Fuel is a work in progress; the site is under construction. I'm proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of their process.