Isoism - Art Culture is about more than fashion. We believe in giving back. 

Education is a powerful stepping stone in lifting individuals, communities and nations out of poverty. It can work wonders in lessening violence and crime. Education can bring hope to the hopeless. Because of this, Isoism - Art Culture gives 10% of all sales to charities that provide quality education and education services to the economically disadvantaged. Our truck will have the same mission. In addition to this, once a month, the Isoism - Art Culture truck will do a “Take over night”. On that night, we will partner with a school or organization and 50% of our sales will go specifically to them. We understand that every little bit helps and by partnering with specific schools it allows customers to see who their purchase will directly help.

Say hello to the Tender Heart School

We spent some time this summer volunteering with the Tender Heart NGO in India. It was an amazing experience. Tender Heart is a not for profit school that provides quality education to the slum kids who can not afford to go to private or governmental schools. In India the government provide education system is overcrowded to the point of disrepair. Kids are herded into classrooms like cattle, teachers show-up when they want to and the true educational opportunities fall few and far between. The Tender Heart school, started by Renu Bali, began with a goal to get slum kids out of the streets and farm fields and into a nurturing learning environment. Renu understood that education can play a strong factor in uplifting people out of poverty. She wanted these kids to have the tools they needed to make a better future for themselves. 

We got the chance to spend time with the kids Tender Heart affects. They were beautiful little humans. Many of them come from extreme poverty; dirt floors, homes made of scrap materials, no running water and little food. With all of these challenges to satisfying their basic human needs they were still some of the happiest and hopeful kids I have ever met. The loved learning and tried so hard even when it was hard for them. Due to Tender Hearts financial needs they have been forced to cut off transportation services but this has not stopped the kids from showing up. Each day these kids come on foot: through hot India days, rain, unsafe traveling routes, against the wish of their parents in some cases; all because they want to learn. 

Being in the presence of these wonderful people helped me to see we are not white or black, Indian or american, we are people. We are connected. We are one planet and one people. Tender Heart has many funding needs that currently include: funds to pay teachers, to fix broken water filtration systems, for transportation, for supplies and for food. We stand with Tender Heart and their mission.