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Commonly Asked Questions.

Is "branding" really worth the cost?

Yes, yes and YES! Making the decision to invest in your company's brand one of the most important steps you can take for its future success. Branding not only gives your company an identifying mark externally, it also helps with its internal workings. Proper branding will give you and your team complete clarity about who your company is and isn't. It will get and keep everyone on the same page. This will help create an image of stability and trustworthiness in the minds of consumers.

How much will it cost?

The best answer I can give here is, it depends. I know I know, that doesn't explain much. It's important to remember every job is different and branding, by nature, is a custom process. The needs of your company, along with your wants and budget, will be assessed. Together, we will decide what services you would like to move forward with, and which you would like to hold off on for now. 

Can I just design a logo myself?

Well of course you can. The real question is, will it be good? I don't mean good to you and the people that love you; I mean good to the people that are looking to buy your products and services. The fact of the matter is, people judge books by their covers. Your logo is the "cover" of your business. It's one of the first things people will encounter, and it could mean the difference between them giving you money...or not.

How does your payment system work?

A 30% deposit is required upfront to secure your spot in my schedule. 50% of the remaining balance is due at the start of your project, and the remaining 50% is due when the project is complete-- but before the final files are handed over. 

I'm just starting out, do I need to brand my business?

This is the best time to start! Branding right out the gate means starting your business on the right foot. You are giving yourself a set of rules to function your business within. This will make setting goals and keeping your business goals on tract easier. It will also make it easier for your audience to connect with with you, among a slew of other benefits. All of these things will aid in the growth and success of your business. 

Why should I pick you to be my designer?

The short answer is, I'm awesome! The long answer is, I care. I'm in the business of design for two reasons: I love design and I love helping people reach their goals. You have an idea that is all your own. You are stepping out of the traditional 9-5 role with a passion, and I want to help support that drive. I have a sincere want to see you be successful. I will listen to your needs and wants, and take the time to understand who your consumers are and who your company is, then work hard to deliver the look and feel that is right for you.

What's the process? How does it all work?

Whether you have decided you are ready to start working with me, or you are still on the fence, start by filling out my contact form, or sending over an email. I will follow up with a timely response. From there:

  • We start with an initial phone or video consultation. In this conversation we discuss the needs of your project to decide with track is best for you and your company.
  • After our phone consultation we will enter into the track we decided is best for you. 
    • Discovery track: We will have 3 meetings where we dive deeply into your company, your market and your competition. At the conclusion of our meetings I will compile a report that details the needs of your company and your market. 
    • Questionnaire track: You will complete a comprehensive questionnaire that will provide me with vital information about you and your market.
  • With information gather through our meetings or the questionnaire I will create a proposal of services complete with pricing. Once an agreement is reached, and the documents signed. Our work will begin. 
  • The magic begins. My development process is extensive. My goal is to always deliver a end result you can be proud of. We will have two progress meetings during this process. 
  • CONGRATULATIONS!! Your brand is complete. We start the process of implementing your brand's articulation. 

I've been in business for years, is it too late to brand?

No, not at all. Here are some reasons most companies seek rebranding:

  • Your business is not performing like you know it can
  • Your current image feels outdated and needs to be refreshed
  • Your current image doesn't fit your company
  • Your current brand isn't memorable/doesn't leave an impression
  • Internally, you don't have a clear understanding of your company's mission
  • You find it hard to set clear and attainable goals
  • No one knows who you are
  • Just to name a few