A Gypsy Told Me: CASE STUDY

A Gypsy Told Me is a start-up that focuses on providing spiritual services and travel writing. 



A Gypsy Told Me was looking for a design that maintained a friendly, open and childlike appeal. The logo needed to give off an energy of innocence and strength. It also needed to link itself to being black and proud. The client had a pretty good understanding of what she was trying to create, my task was to fill in any missing blanks.

The solution

I created a logo where the curly hair of the figure becomes the focal point. I made sure to reference curls in the hair to tie into the client's own hair texture. Using roughly drawn lines, I managed to create a logo that holds a childlike feel. I worked with a watercolor texture for the hair to create a sense of depth, linking to the depths of the spiritual services A Gypsy Told Me provides. I worked with the color purple because of it's links to strength and royalty. This color helped to maintain the idea of being powerful. The process of creating this logo was long and challenging. We struggled with getting the hair "right", getting the facial features "right". In the end I arrived at a solution that served the desired goal well.