Design & Nature: Ants

Today I sat and watched ants hurrying along in a bed of gravel. WAIT...don't leave...keep reading, I promise I have a point. There was one ant in particular that caught my attention. It was much bigger than all the rest, at about 3 times their size. I named it Sammy. Sammy had a harder time making it's way through the tiny openings the way the other ants could. I watched this little guy for 20 mins (a little obsessive, I know), just noticing how it's differences worked against it. Sammy would walk a path, hit an obstacle, change directions and try again. Over and over Sammy continued this dance, never letting up and never changing intensity. No matter the obstacle Sammy kept at it until it found a solution and for me this was admirable.

All too often we find ourselves in tough places in life. Whether it's that rude client who is never satisfied, your jerk of a boss, that creative project you just can't seem to find the right solution for and/or being stuck in a rut with no idea what to do next in life. We get burnt out, warn down and just want to give up. The idea of taking another step seems impossible, then, in comes Sammy. Today an ant renewed my belief in, slow and steady winning the race. It taught me that you don't always have to know where a path is taking you; if you have faith in your ability to maneuver any obstacle that may arise. Sammy also reminded me of the great power in not giving up and trying again. I believe whole heartedly that inspiration and encouragement can come from anywhere if you are open to it. Today an ant named Sammy reminded me to be resilient and steadfast. What will you let speak to you?